New blog platform Squarespace

I decide to switch over from Wordpress and give ago to run our blog and website. Mainly for the simple reason that we were using to run our blog and running our own separate company website. So I wanted to merge the web site and blog together and didn't allow many design change options.

So now we are pretty much set up here on Squarespace for now using their 14 day trial account. So far the experience has been very good. I've spent around 2 hours including importing all of our blog posts from and incorporating the content from our website. Design and layout has been very simple you can add and configure pages, a blog and forms all by clicking add and setting a few properties.

One thing that springs to mind is that on going maintenance and refreshing the design to jsut a new colour or layout would only take a few minutes.

So far I'm loving the squarespaces environment, we'll see how it goes over 14 days to see if I upgrade to a paid account but so far it looks pretty promising.