Preview: ASP.NET MVC conversion of Whos Doin Wot

As I mentioned in my previous post ASP.NET MVC Membership Management I decided to port over a simple team management app we built called "Whos Doin Wot" from the Morfik RIA platform to ASP.NET MVC. I found the exercise to be a nice little training exercise and the chance to understand and play around with MVC. Also as a side benefit I have created some basic controllers and views for handling users and roles within ASP.NET membership (download available on the previous post detailed above).

I've spent a couple of days on it now and have a preview of the new MVC version up and running click here to have a go.

Here are a few screen shots as well:

Dashboard: is a clean and simple list of what the team are up to today, tomorrow, for the rest of the week and month.


Groups: here you have the ability to set up different groups which you can then add people/users to.


Add people: You have the ability to set up access for other team/group members so that they can access and contribute to specific groups


Create a new entry: Here you can quickly add in entries to let the team know what you are up to for today, tomorrow, the week and month (if you like to plan ahead).